Quality Control
James R. Reed and Associates provides a full range of environmental testing services. Our Quality Control Department is independent of direct technical responsibility and reports directly to the Lab Director. We recognize that a commitment to quality is paramount for an environmental laboratory. Our goal is to generate the most accurate data possible. Adherence to Good Laboratory Practices and Quality Control is evident in the way we work.

• We employ Standard Operating Procedures (based on approved Federal, State, and local methodology, e.g., analytical methods, quality control, sample and data handling). These SOPs are constantly reviewed and updated.

• Check samples, duplicates, and/or spikes comprise approximately 10% of all analyses.

• We use state-of-the-art instrumentation, the calibration and performance of which is regularly documented.

• Proficiency evaluation samples from outside organizations that are EPA approved are regularly used.

• All corrective actions are documented.

• QC samples independent from stock standards are run along with routine samples to evaluate the system and individual performances.

• On site inspections conducted by the Department of Environmental Quality-Virginia, Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services, and North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources. All clients or potential clients are encouraged to visit our facility.

• James R. Reed and Associates personnel benefit from formal in-house training program as well as participation in professional seminars and training courses.

• Reference toxicants are used routinely in our toxicology laboratories.